Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monthly Recap

Keeping up with blog has been harder than I thought but I hoping to do better, even if my kitchen has to suffer once in awhile. Here's what we've been up to the last month!
We decided to go on mini hike. The kids probably walked three times as far as the actually hike with all the running back and forth they were doing.

Dylan and Kenzie had tons of fun just running around and climbling trees.

Mason in his usual means of transportation

I love waterfalls! Big ones, small ones, I love them all!

We were able to go to Lagoon twice, once with Jeff's family and once with mine. They kids had a blast with their cousins and we were even able to go on a couple of rides.


Where was Mason?

Here he is! He was sooooo good both times we went.

Aggie Homecoming Parade!

Kenzie would not look at me, she didn't want to miss anything that was coming up but I had to get a picture in her cute Aggie cheerleading outfit.

Don't you love how everyone gradually moves further and further into the street. I swear we didn't camp out in the middle of the road!

Willow Park

I can't believe we went all summer without a trip to Willow Park. Dylan had a whole week off of school so we decided to hit a couple of parks and enjoy the last of the warm weather.

This was Mason's first time on the swing! Doesn't it make him look big!

Corn Maze

I have never been to a corn maze before. Every year we talk about going, but by the time we decide to go, it's always freezing so we change our minds. This year we decided to go beforeit got too cold. It was really windy but we all took our jackets off by the end because we were hot! Entering the maze!

The Kids loved playing in all the lights

This was the kid's favorite part. They loved climbing all over the pyramid. Dylan was jumping from the highest platform!
Well that's it for September! October's shaping up to be really fun too.


Stacy said...

Hey Dolly! What a cute blog you have! It was fun seeing you guys last month--even if it was for only one second. Mason is so cute--I'm glad I got to see him. Take care!

The Conrad Family said...

Brit...the kids look like they have been having lots of fun! They sure are cute! I bet my kids would like to be a part of your family! We never do anything that fun! Mason is getting so big! I can't believe it! It sure is fun keeping up with you guys!

Lindsey said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. How fun!! I love seeing pics of you and your cute fam :) Happy fall!

Jamie Younker said...

Way to keep up with your blog! LoL. What fun pictures!!! My goodness... you guys do such fun things! That's it- we have GOT to get out of the house this week!

Stephanie said...

That picture of you and your kids in front of the "Big Maze" sign is fantastic. What a fun memory to capture. You look fantastic for "just" having a baby, by the way. And what kind of carrier is that? It looks super comfy. I wear my ERGO all over the place with my 7-month-old and I absolutely love it. :)

Oakstream Photography said...

What fun things you've done!!!! The Aggie's homecoming game was AWESOME!!! Fun FUN day!!!!

That water fall down the canyon is ALWAYS beautiful...I love it too!